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Here we use a 16 channel snake to ensure that all the performers on stage are properly heard by the audience. The sound also needs to be clearly captured for DVD film recording.

Large Marquee events.jpg

Multiple screens are set up so that entire audience can view speeches and presentations. Colourful LED lights are erected to create a cozy atmosphere.

21st birthday events.jpg

Our large projector screens allow the audience to follow a slideshow from any angle. Red uplighting also enhances the theme and decor of the event.

Band and DJs.jpg

We combine a 3 piece band with 2 DJs for great entertainment. Our lighting boosts the visual impact of the venue décor.


Correct lighting changes the feel of the venue into glitz and glamour. A firm dancefloor entices guests to party the night away.

Corporate events.jpg

Effect lighting creates the right party mood and has the guests feeling relaxed.

Indoor events.jpg

Sturdy stage panels to elevate the main tables and podium. Staging comes with structural engineer's certificate whenever required.

White Wedding.jpg

Ice blue parcan 64 LED lights emphasize the snow white theme. Custom white flooring to match the white furniture and draping is stunning.

AV Equipment.jpg

An example of the clean AV setups in a formal environment.

Chapel and temple events.jpg

Multiple microphones are set up for religious functions where several people need to speak or perform simultaneously.


Outdoor sound to cater for any crowd is available.

Entertainment & Photography.jpg

Setting up of gold up lights to match the gold décor. Our music and photography is worth gold too ;)

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